Fire Roasted Red Hot Sauce
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Fire Red Hot Sauce - 5oz Mild

Fire has never been so heavenly! Don’t let the name fool you. FIRE describes the way we fire roast the chiles. Red California chiles, Chile Japones, Chile-Ancho, and homemade Chipotle pepper's come together to make this smoky-sweet and mildly spicy hot sauce sensation. The Fire Red contains locally grown ingredients such as hand roasted chile peppers and spices that are smoked to perfection.  



Ingredients: Water, Vinegar, Ketchup (tomato, vinegar, corn syrup, salt, spice, onion powder), Lemon Juice, Brown Sugar, Chipotles in Adobo (chipotle peppers, water, vinegar, tomatoes, onions, salt, sugar, paprika, soybean oil, spices), Garlic, Chile Ancho, Scallion, California Chile, Cilantro, Chile Arbol, Kosher Salt, Garlic Powder, Onion Powder, Cumin, Chile Powder, Paprika, Black Pepper, Oregano. Contains Soy.



Fire Roasted Red Grilled Chicken



5 lb Chicken thigh’s or breast (Beef or Pork)

Marinade: (do not salt until cooking)

1 bottle F.A.Nino’s Fire Roasted Red Sauce

2 Oranges (juiced & zested)

2 cups Onion (red, yellow or green) roughly chopped

Mix everything together with 1/2 bottle of the Red sauce; marinate over night or for at least a few hour’s.


Cooking Instructions:Salt and pepper to taste. Grill (chicken- 160 degrees, beef- 135, pork- 140). Serving:Chop meat and mix with the other 1/2 bottle of the Fire Roasted Red Sauce. Serve over rice, as a taco filling, over chips for hearty nachos, or with your favorite side dish.


  • Heat: Mild
  • Hot Sauce: Fire Roasted Red

Fire Roasted Red Hot Sauce

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